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Jul 18, 2017

My guest today is Stephen Kavalkovich, host of "Rescue the Rescuer" and a recovering addict with a powerful story to tell.

Today's episode will hit a personal note with most of our listeners since nearly all of us either know somebody who struggles with drug addition or have experienced it ourselves. At first glance addiction and its effects on society might not seem like a topic befitting Eschaton but as you'll hear in the introduction to this episode, the eschaton isn't just about "last things" or "the end times." It's much more than that - it's about the restoration of all things to their perfect design and original intent.

As a group of people who look to a brighter future and a better way to live on this blue orb we call home, we can never get there without curing the ills that have infected our society and devastated so many of our families. This is no longer an issue that is isolated to those on the margins of society or the poor and overlooked. With the rise of the opioid epidemic in recent years, which has wreaked havoc on middle-class white America, we've begun to see how every social class is vulnerable to addiction. Steve's story and insights are intended to serve as a lifeline for those who feel like they're drowning or or have been forgotten by their peers. This episode is a reminder that each of us is our brother's keeper and that the only way we rise is by rising together. 

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