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Nov 13, 2019

In this episode I am joined by the producer and one of the stars of the recently released documentary, "From Shock to Awe: A Journey of Hope and Transformation." The film offers an intimate and raw look at the journey of two combat veterans suffering from severe trauma as they abandon pharmaceuticals to seek relief through the mind-expanding world of psychedelics.

Producer, Mitch Schultz
From an early age, Mitch Schultz’s curiosity of the unknown universe forged a path in storytelling and research. His work as a transmedia producer, experience designer, and educator explores the inherent connections among consciousness, nature, culture, and the evolving human mythology. You may be familiar with Mitch's earlier work, such as DMT: The Spirit Molecule. 
Mike Cooley
Cooley was deployed three times — once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq — but it wasn’t until he returned home in January of 2009 and found himself suddenly losing his temper with his young stepdaughter that he knew something was deeply wrong. 
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