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Apr 14, 2017

In this episode, we introduce you to some pretty frickin’ impressive specimens. These are no mere mortals! They’ve been called heroes, mighty men of renown, even gods. But who were they really and where did their legends begin?



  1. From Thrace to Scandinavia - legends only grow 
    • Tror, the mighty man
    • Odin and his journey North
    • Myth built on historical fact
  2. The Age of Heroes
    • Demi-gods
    • Parallel pantheons - from the Sumerians to the Greeks
  3. End of the Age of Heroes
    • The Trojan War
    • How Patroclus fought and died
    • Blood of the gods
  4. Echoes of the Ancient Past
    • Red-headed giants of the West?
    • Burial mounds of North America
    • Giant stone structures (e.g. Stone Henge, Great Pyramid)
  5. Giants in the Bible
    • Elohim - Meet the Sons of God
    • Rephaim - The dreadful ones


Music: “Judas Goat”, by Filastine via

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